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How To Figure Out Your Next Career Steps – Even If You Have No Clue

One account of the moon landing is that Buzz Aldrin, the Apollo’s pilot, was asked to take the first human step on the moon. He hesitated for only a few seconds and lost his chance. Neil Armstrong had no doubts and is now immortalized in history. =

This account probably isn’t true – Armstrong took the first step because of the design of the Eagle lunar module – but, why ruin a good story when it makes my point so well? Fear and hesitation frequently stall us, causing us to miss exciting opportunities. I’ve worked with many clients who know they need a career change but don’t move forward because of uncertainty. Fear of making the wrong decision is a common cause of the uncertainty. If this is your experience, here’s a path forward…

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If You’re A Career Changer, You Must Prioritize Self-Awareness (Even If You Think It’s Too “Woo Woo”)

In 2008, a 22-year old went to law school, full of vim and vigour. His path was long preordained by three Fs: Friends, family, and most memorably, fortune cookies (two in a row read “you will make a great lawyer.”)

He sleepwalked through law school, generally distraught, but not conscious enough to see what was staring him in the face: That this was not the path for him.

There were signs he should have recognized. As a student, he avoided the law library like the plague and got away with it. Some part of him knew that would change, once he joined one of the country’s largest law firms, and could no longer cut corners. But he persisted.

It wasn’t that that I didn’t know what kind of work awaited me. It was that I lacked the self-awareness to appreciate that it wasn’t the right work, for me. If you’ve ever had an experience like this, odds are, insufficient self-awareness was part of the problem.

Here’s how to fix it…

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Experiments Are The Key To Career Change – And Ensuring It’s The Right Change

A client was intrigued by a sales position at a Speaker’s Bureau, in which he would be responsible for convincing event organizers to use the bureau to find speakers. He applied, but thankfully, didn’t get the job. After hearing his response to just one question, I instantly knew it was not the job for him.

The conversation went like this:

Me: “Even before they interview you, why not make a list of ten events that hire speakers, call them, and do your best to convince them to use that bureau?”

Him (with face contorted by pain): “That sounds horrendous.”

If my client wanted to do the work, and succeeded, he’d have been exceptionally well-positioned to get the job and the job would have been a great fit. That the experiment revealed otherwise is no tragedy since all he needs to do is conduct another experiment until he gets the result he wants.

Experimenting with a career is like trying on a new pair of pants – oftentimes, we immediately learn that it doesn’t fit. Career changers must do everything in their power to find the right fit.

Here’s how…

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Welcome To The Amplify Your Career Blog!

In the past, a career was something you did to earn money. You would wake up at 7am, put up with the daily commute, follow your boss's orders until you were red in the face, then do the whole thing again tomorrow. Even if you hated it, you would put up with the stress...

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