Dan KingHi, I’m Dan!

Through my twenties, I struggled to find jobs equal to my ambition and at times, any job at all! Like a lot of North American millennials, I defined myself by my career and took failure too personally.

Thankfully, after years of uncertainty, I turned things around. I found great jobs as an advisor on the Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den TV shows, as a policymaker in the Canadian government and as an election monitor in developing countries.

I then began to scratch my entrepreneurial itch, becoming a successful freelance writer and consultant. I invested my savings in everything from stocks to revenue generating websites. I re-invested some of the earnings and used the rest to create scalable companies. Looking back on my experiences as an employee, freelancer, investor and entrepreneur, I wondered if there was a formula I unconsciously used to achieve a better outcome. I realized there was a three-step process:

  1. Developing deep self-awareness of your greatest strengths.
  2. Exposing yourself to all kinds of career ideas.
  3. Learning productivity systems so you can quickly build the career you want.

Today, I run Amplify Your Career where I teach millennials how to solve their career problems. When I’m not doing that, I run a consulting company in which I earn money from speaking, teaching and writing.

My work is based on my distinctive strengths: A buccaneering, risk-taking creativity that empowers me to discover super unconventional ideas, an intuitive sense of how to apply them in other’s lives, and a love of teaching them.

So if you’re confused about your career, or want to discuss something else, see what we can do for you.