Weekly Zoom Meet-Ups/Practice Sessions

Weekly Zoom Meet-Ups/Practice Sessions

Leeds, United Kingdom

As it’s a challenging time for us in the industry, I thought it would be a nice idea if some of us could come together a couple of times a week and practice scripts and monologues etc.

If interested I’d appreciate your email- so we can share scripts but your email will stay confidential, availability, whether you’d rather 1-on-1/group zoom meetings (or both) and maybe just a couple of other details but I don’t want to bore you here!

It would be a nice little community where you’d meet new people, be able to practice your craft constantly, and we can observe each other and give feedback!

It may not be very clear on here, but if you’d like to contact me beforehand before you make a decision or to clarify anything please feel free and I’ll happily talk with you!!

*PLEASE NOTE-I’m not an acting coach or tutor, just creating a proposal:)*

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