In the past, a career was something you did to earn money. You would wake up at 7am, put up with the daily commute, follow your boss’s orders until you were red in the face, then do the whole thing again tomorrow. Even if you hated it, you would put up with the stress and frustration because you needed the money.

But nowadays, there are more options.

Millennials are discovering that you don’t need to settle for a job with mediocre pay, doing something that bores you.

Instead, you’re in control of your career. You can control how much you get paid. You can control your job satisfaction. You can control how much value you add to the world.

That’s why we set up We’re all about helping people all over the world to maximize their earning potential while enjoying what they do.

In fact, our mission is to help one thousand career-focused individuals to upgrade their career within the next year.

Will you be one of them?

Stay tuned for more!

– Dan King.
Founder & CEO,