Who Is This Site For?

Ambitious lawyers and law students who know they want to change their careers. Maybe they want to reshape their current role, change jobs, start a side hustle or earn more money. Career change could mean something as small as changing your current role or something as big as changing jobs, industries and continents.

If this is you, your need for change is a big problem in your life because you care deeply about the work you do and the impact you have in the world. Your work is central to your identity so you want this fixed and you’re willing to work like a demon to get it done. If you’re only vaguely interested in upgrading your career, we’re likely not the people you should work with.

In short, career change is the problem we solve. Our principal tool, for solving it, is career experiments. This is a powerful approach for getting clear on what you want and getting it. The results are worthwhile, even though it may require more work than the traditional approach of sending resumes and cover letters to hundreds of companies.